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Milf erotic story - true milf story extracted from a milf diary


I am  a 44 year old MILF

 In my younger days I liked men considerably older than myself.

 I found  that they were  more experienced in sex and life in general.  As I got older, I liked  men more or less my own age - that was until a 23 year old man from Ireland came to spend a 6 week holiday with me! This is one of the extracts from my milf diary.

 I met Geoff on the internet, 

and really enjoyed chatting to him, he was intelligent and good fun.  I playfully suggested he come and spend 6 weeks with me and he immediately took me up on the invitation. It was only after he had bought his plane ticket that he nonchalantly told me that he was 23.  I was horrified, but could not go back on my invite!

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I decided to make the best of it, and  supposing he did not have too much money,  I booked us into  a few  holiday resorts,  for 2 adults sharing.

Geoff arrived and we got on rather well, which was a relief. 

 I spent the next week showing him the sites around where I lived, and introduced him into my local pub.  He was a perfect gentleman,  and guest.  We set off on our holiday tour of the countryside.  At the first lodge we stayed in there were two single beds in our room.  We had a few drinks and then lunch.  It was a bit chilly so I went off to get a jacket.  On my return, one of the guests said "Geoff has just been telling us that he is out from Ireland,  having finished University and that you are his favourite Aunt."  I nearly choked!  To save embarrassment, I had to go along with the story.  Back in our room, I told him what a cheeky little sod he was, while he rolled around laughing. I was not amused!

The following day, we set off in the car to catch a  24 hour ferry ride, with him calling me "Auntie" We  just caught the ferry in time, loaded the car onto it, got our bags and collapsed into our chairs on the deck.  We were hot and thirsty so we asked the waiter for a couple of beers.  The beer was ice cold and went down very well , we ordered more. We began chatting to a few of the other guests and I relaxed, enjoying the lapping of water against the ferry, the view of the lake and the sunshine.  The waiter brought us more beers. By this time we were laughing and really enjoying ourselves.  At 2pm we were told that the bar was closing, so I asked the waiter to bring us 8 beers and put them in a tub of ice next to us.  We continued drinking our cold beers in the  hot sunshine, while the other guests  watched us enviously, wishing they had had the foresight to order drinks for the afternoon.

We were ticking away merrily, when I suggested to Geoff that we go and shower, before the mad rush began.  He agreed so we grabbed our towels and soap and set off, Geoff leading.  He stepped into the mens shower, and as I walked past, his arm shot out and grabbed me.  "In here" he whispered loudly, and pulled me in.  We began giggling and he turned the shower on and we both got wet. Geoff said "we better get out of our wet things" and he proceeded to undress.  I followed suit, we were soon both giggling and in each others arms as the shower jetted down on our naked bodies. His hands began moving over my MILF body and I could feel his erection pressing against me. I was surprised at how hard it felt after what he had drunk. Geoff took the soap and began lathering my tits, whispering how beautiful and ripe, my body was.  I reached down to take him in my hand, he was strong and thick.  I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth, squeezing at his ass, feeling the young firm muscles.  I cupped his balls in my hand as I took the whole length of him into my mouth and throat, sucking on him.  "Fuck, no one has ever done this to me before" he whispered in awe.  My mouth was too full to answer, as he gave it a good bang. Gently he pulled me up, and he knelt down, kissing my pussy, then parting the lips and licking at me, he found my clit, and sucked gently on it.  I couldn't believe how excited I was, he stroked my thigh, slowly, all the way up to my pussy, then I felt his fingers inside me.  I was so wet, they slid in effortlessly.  He stood up and pushed me back against the shower wall, I glanced down at his cock, it was the longest one I had seen in real life, its head dark pink.  I opened my legs and pulled his cock towards my pussy, he thrust hard and entered me.  I gasped as his big cock filled me, then we began to move together.  I could not believe I was doing this with a 23 year old, and enjoying it!! I was now a MILF and loving it!!  His cock slipped out and we both grabbed at it to put it back in.  "The angle is not good" he said, so I pulled him out and bent down, holding onto the shower step.  Geoff gripped my hips and rammed himself back into me, fucking me hard. I told him to rub my clit at the same time, I was ready to cum.  He was thrusting fast and hard and I could feel one hell of a climax building up in me, "don't stop" I gasped and was engulfed in the strongest orgasm I had ever had, it didn't seem to stop, just kept hitting me in one delicious wave after another.  In the distance I heard Geoff shout as he gave me one final thrust and his hot cum gushed into me.  We both collapsed on the shower floor, panting.

We had better get out of here, we have been in here for ages" I said as someone knocked on the door.  "How are we going to get out of here unseen?"  Geoff opened the door a crack and peeped out.  He shut the door, looked at me in horror and said "There's a queue out there!"  I began to laugh.  I grabbed his hand and said "We will just walk out as though this is perfectly normal"  We did, and the people in the queue just stared at us!!!!  I didn't give a shit, as I had just had the best fuck of my life and nothing was going to spoil it!!





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